Q: How do you install the apps on my device?

A: You will be sent install instructions once you sign up for free trial or subscription.

Q: Can I take my device to my friend’s house?

A: Yes!!! All devices and codes are Not locked to your IP address. If you try to use it on a different IP address you will be ok so enjoy.

Q: What devices can I use?

A: Compatible devices for the apps
Android box 6 or higher, Android phones or tablets, iOS Devices, Apple TV. Amazon FireBox & FireStick, Nvidia shield.

Q: How much does the service cost?

A: After the free trial, it’s $25 per month for over 2000+ channels plus all the sports packages.  Three simultaneous connections are available with the paid service that can be used on three devices at the same time.  No IP lock. Anywhere in the world where you have a stable internet connection with at least 15MB/s

Q: Is the internet required?

A: Yes, the internet is required. We recommend a good stable connection of 15MB/s or better to enjoy smooth streaming.

Q: Can I use cellular data?

A: Yes, but it is not recommended. You will experience buffering on cellular connections as they are never as stable as a good local based connection.

Q: Can I use it anywhere?

A: Yes, you can access our app anywhere in the world with a high-speed internet connection. We are not IP locked 

Q: Tech Support?

A: Yes, we have support for all of our services through Telegram App.
Once you become a subscriber you will get the link to join the chat.

Q: Are our services legal?

A: Watching TV content streamed over the internet is legal. However, it is not legal to download or record any material that is copyrighted. Some IPTV services stream content from servers that have recorded the content, and many times the content is copyrighted. Even though you are watching it as it as streamed, such as a movie-on-demand, since someone had to record the content in order for you to be able to watch it, copyright laws may have been violated. That is why our services do not have any VOD content hosted on its servers.

As for the streamed content, the aggregator of the content that our services use is purchased content from the content owners through arrangements known in the industry as “carriage deals”. The rates the aggregator pays for the right to stream this content are determined by a fee scale based on how many customers will be viewing the content. 

Because the aggregator is licensed to stream the content through these carriage deals with the various content owners, and because our services do not stream recorded content, our services are legal.  Thank you.